Logo’s meaning

The orange: Express enthusiasm, dynamism of VAPT crew, we wish to deliver consulting and training services best suitable for companies, organizations and individuals. In addition to bringing learners the modern knowledge, close to the requirements of the practical job, VAPT’s training programs also transfer to learners the faith, ready to apply the useful knowledge to practical work.

The Cobalt Yellow: expresses the prosperity and thriving
Through the professional consulting and training program of VAPT, we help you to solve the problems existing in organizations (those problems can be solved by the application of soft skills in their work). We will support your business to get a professional crew with effective working skills, save a lot of costs, time-invaluable assets. It will bring your business a stable development and prosperity in the fiercely competitive market.

The ray above VAPT expresses VAPT’s desire: that is the ongoing development of enterprises and organizations.

The ray below VAPT expresses our positive support for organizations and businesses through professional consulting and training program.

We always emphasizes on the word "HEART" in the field of education, training with the hope that VAPT could support and jointly develop with your companies.

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