Training Services

Training services
  • Training programs of VAPT are compiled basing on new knowledge which is continuously updated with practical case study have been designed after carrying out a survey of training needs and considering the real situations of business.
  • Content and situation resolution methods will be conducted with the role-play of some of participant, the rest of them will make comments. Then the trainer will analyze the advantages of each detail, share their knowledge and experience to help participants know how to apply problem resolution in daily work most effectively.
Training process
Training process
  • Program of managing, building and motivating employees
  • Recruiting process, training and keeping the best people
  • Marketing Mix 8P
  • Building brand name
  • Professional and effective PR
  • Building company’s culture
  • Carrying out survey of managers’ and employees’ needs
  • Market research
  • Building conference program, organizing events for businesses
  • .....................

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