• Participants understand the invaluableness of solidarity and teamwork
  • Understand the value of yourself, the importance of team, common objectives of your organization
  • Deeply understand company’s culture
  • Team’s members are able to know about occurring conflicts, share ideas, and respect each others
All members in a company
Training methods
  • Power Point presentation, group presentation
  • Join the discussion, guide and coaching through the practice of connecting to the actual work (games, exercises)
  • Watch the video clip, role playing
  • Handle real situations and with reference books
  • Tell the story/Sharing real experiences
  • Each participants will be practicing and receiveing suggestions, editing in class

    VAPT will design activities, games with team spirit that match cultural values of your company. Through these activities, the participants will easily feel the value of solidarity, the role of individuals and importance of team. Since members will respect and love their colleagues, join together to reach the goal of organization associated with showing your company’s culture.


    • Choosing the training venue
    • VAPT design and present clearly about games and activities that match terrain of the resort
    • Your company reviews and approves the program
    • Conduct the program

    • Introduce names and rules of activities
    • Conduct the games/activities
    • Interview participant’s opinion
    • Group discussion, learn a lesson through activities
    • Trainer briefs the lesson to build team spirit
1 - 2 days

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