The 360 Degree Leader

  • Help managers recognize the importance of comprehensive leadership
  • Help managers avoid the misperception and aware of the challenges faced to develop leadership skills by themselves
  • Knowing the principles of leaders at all levels
The program is designed for managers
Training methods
  • Power Point presentation, group presentation
  • Join the discussion, guide and coaching through the practice of connecting to the actual work (games, exercises)
  • Watch the video clip, role playing
  • Handle real situations and with reference books
  • Tell the story/Sharing real experiences
  • Each participants will be practicing and receiveing suggestions, editing in class
  • Myths and challenges a middle leader must overcome to be the 360o leader

    1. Myths of leading from the middle
      • The position myth
      • The destination myth
      • The influence myth
      • The inexperience myth
      • The liberty myth
      • The potential myth
      • The all-or-nothing myth
    2. The challenges 360o leaders face
      • Tension challenge
      • Frustration challenge
      • Ego challenge
      • Fulfillment challenge
      • Multi-hat challenge
      • Vision challenge
      • Influence challeng
  • 360o leader principles

    1. Principles to lead up
      • Lead yourself exceptionally well
      • Lighten your leader’s load
      • Be willing to do what others don’t
      • Do more than manage – Lead!
      • Invest in relational chemistry
      • Be prepared every time you take your leader’s time
      • Know when to push and when to back off
      • Become a “Go-to” player
      • Be better tomorrow than you are today
    2. Principles to lead across
      • Understand, practice and complete the leadership loop
      • Put completing fellow leader ahead of completing with them
      • Be a friend
      • Avoid office politics
      • Expand your circle of acquaintances
      • Let the best ideas win
      • Don’t pretend you’re perfec
    3. Principles to lead down
      • Walk slowly through the hall
      • See everyone as a “10”
      • Develop each team member as a person
      • Place people in their strength zones
      • Model the behaviors you desire
      • Transfer the vision
      • Reward for results
  • The value of 360o leaders

    1. leadership team is more effective than just a leader
      • Visionary leader: willing to hire people better than themselves
      • Wise leader: shape their people into a team
      • Secure leaders: focus on others and want them to do well
      • Experienced leaders: listen to their team
    2. Leaders are needed at any level of the organization
      Without a leader:
      • Vision leaks
      • Decisions are delayed
      • Agendas are multiplied
      • Conflicts are extended
      • Morale and production is low
      • Success is difficult
    3. Leading successfully at one level is a qualifier for leading at the next level
      • Start to lead right at the current position
      • Change level
      • Complete small tasks – the bigger one will come
      • Make “background” to promote
    4. Good leaders in the middle make better leaders at the top
      • Good leaders maximize the performance of those on their team
      • Good leaders in the middle help other leaders in the organization improve
      • Good leaders in the middle will be tomorrow’s leaders at the top
    5. Quality of 360o leaders
      • Adaptability
      • Discernment
      • Perspective
      • Communication
      • Security
      • Servanthood
      • Resourcefulness
      • Maturity
      • Endurance
      • Countability
    6. Environment to wake up the 360o leaders
      • Trust in people’s potential
      • Reserve resources to develop people
      • Appreciate the role of the leader
      • Look for potential leaders
      • Understand and respect people
      • Give all people the opportunity to be the leader
      • Reward the active leadership
      • Make the environment to share ideas
      • Develop together
      • Attract the potential leaders
      • Develop leadership team
      • Release the leaders
2 - 3 days

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