Train The Trainer

  • Students grasp the training process -   professional training
  • Professional preparation and before training
  • Proficient use of tools to support teaching
  • Know how to organize the various activities, engaging in training
  • Knowing how to present appeal attracted to participants throughout the training program
  • Said control an effective training environment
  • Know how to evaluate the effectiveness of training
  • Managers, staffs who are interested in training job
  • Managers or staffs in Human Resource office
  • Managers, team leaders who frequently hold training courses for staffs
  • People who want to become a trainer
Training methods
  • Power Point presentation, group presentation
  • Join the discussion, guide and coaching through the practice of connecting to the actual work (games, exercises)
  • Watch the video clip, role playing
  • Handle real situations and with reference books
  • Tell the story/Sharing real experiences
  • Each participants will be practicing and receiveing suggestions, editing in class

    1. Identifying training objectives and goals the course
    2. The steps of compiling the professional curriculum
    3. How to design lectures on Power Point
    4. Audiovisual aids
    5. Real activities and situations
    6. Preparing gifts for participant
    7. Question concerning about training program
    8. Rehearse for content and control the time
    9. Preparation of health, mentality and suitable clothing

    1. Introducing the activities in professional course
      • Startup
      • Games
      • Presenting the main content
      • Watching video clip
      • Discussion
      • Case studies
      • Demo
      • Sharing
      • Reviewing and summarizing
    2. Processes of activities organizing
      • Activities designing
      • Thoughtful preparation
      • Introducing the activity, methods of implementation, completion time and rewards
      • Controlling activities, supporting and reminding participants/subordinates
      • Guiding result expression
      • Linking activities meaning with course content
    3. Practicing some activities in the course
      • Startup activity:
        • -   The group distributing forms
        • -   The needed position in group
        • -   Creating emulation atmosphere for teams
        • -   How to use the effects of round of applause
        • -   Practicing startup active
      • Demo:
        • -   Preparation carefully before demo
        • -   Explaining objectives of the activity
        • -   Providing step by step instructions
        • -   Let participants practice and feedback
      • Games:
        • -   Commencement games
        • -   Game to select casual participants
        • -   Games for distracting and sleepy participants
        • -   Games need supported tools
        • -   Designing games on Power Point
        • -   Practicing games designing and controlling
      • Activity watching movies, pictures:
        • -   Select the suitable movies, pictures
        • -   Trial slideshow
        • -   The points should be noted in slideshow active
      • Role playing:
        • -   The type of role in scenarios
        • -   Method to write the script effectively
        • -   Organize to play effectively
        • -   Practice to write the script and control playing

    1. How to control your own stress
    2. Creating a first impression with participants/ subordinates
    3. Presentation skills
      • How to train your voice, pronunciation and Volume control
      • How to use the word
      • Combining professional body language
      • Knowing how to have graceful joke
      • Practicing how to train your voice and role in the training phase
    4. Controlling training environment
      • Catching of psychology participants/subordinates
      • Dealing with passive groups
      • Dealing with hostile groups
      • Questioning suddenly for participants/ subordinates
      • The procedure of answering for the participants questions
      • Controlling and answering difficult questions
      • Ending impressively and always encouraging participants
      • Practicing the training environmental control

    1. Appraising at the end of the training program
    2. Appraising the performance
2 -   3 days

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