5 core tools – iso/ts 16949:2009

  • Understanding of SPC’s handbook (controlling process by statistical methods) with the concept of process control and process changes. Selecting the appropriate SPC tools for the analysis of the necessary process, interpreting the results of analysis and propose a business plan based on that interpretation.
  • Understanding MSA (measurement system analysis), reference manuals and their application to the impact on the quality system, types of variation measurement system, and repeat Gage.
  • Understand the FMEA’s application (mode and analysis effects) to reduce the risk from design stage through production all of processes.
  • Understanding APQP Manual (Advanced Planning of product quality) and the links between the block diagram of the process, procedures, control plans, reporting specified requirements in the APQP’s reference guide of the quality management system of the company and reporting results.
  • Verifying the design and manufacture products according to PPAP (Production Process Approval) and equivalent methods.
  • This training is for He / She has experience work in the quality system or have worked in the manufacturing sector .The training course is also suitable for He / She interested in the operation and / or assessment in accordance with ISO / TS 16949:2009.
  • Management levels, the Core Team.
  • The operators are responsible for the implementation of internal quality assessment for the Quality System of the company.
Training methods
  • Power Point presentation, group presentation
  • Join the discussion, guide and coaching through the practice of connecting to the actual work (games, exercises)
  • Watch the video clip, role playing
  • Handle real situations and with reference books
  • Tell the story/Sharing real experiences
  • Each participants will be practicing and receiveing suggestions, editing in class

    1. The basic concepts
    2. The X-bar’s variable and R charts
    3. Property of the unsuitable ratio charts (p) charts and nonconformities (c) constructed diagrams/set limits/analysis/process control/capability process (PP/PPK/CP/CPK analysis).

    1. Measuring systems and measurement process
    2. Research measurement for stability, impartiality, and linear with researching examples to measure and having re-established capabilities with examples
    3. How SPC and MSA are related to ISO 9001, QS-9000 and ISO / TS 16949:2009

    1. Designing and process FMEA
    2. Developing design FMEA
    3. Developing FMEA’s process
    4. The character of an effective FMEA
    5. The associate of FMEA with ISO/TS 16949:2002 and QS-9000

    1. Basic concepts of planning quality and APQP
    2. Planning and defining
    3. Designing product and developing
    4. Products and confirm process
    5. PPAP
    6. Product, feedback, evaluation and act to repair

    1. The stages of Control Plant
    2. The factor of Control Plant
      • General data
      • Control product
      • Control process
      • Method
      • Response plan and corrective action
4 days

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