7 analysis statistical tools

  • Understand and apply some basic statistical tools to solve the problem of quality
  • Correctly identifying anomalies, discovery of errors in products, the lack of control, and minimize their impact
  • Know how to select and apply to the actual of production and services providing process of business to control the quality of products / processes
  • Improve the effectiveness of the quality management system in enterprises using statistical tools to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008
  • Leader of company (Board of Directors)
  • Manager quality officers and technicians, Foreman, Team Leader
  • Individuals interested in the content of the course
Training methods
  • Power Point presentation, group presentation
  • Join the discussion, guide and coaching through the practice of connecting to the actual work (games, exercises)
  • Watch the video clip, role playing
  • Handle real situations and with reference books
  • Tell the story/Sharing real experiences
  • Each participants will be practicing and receiveing suggestions, editing in class

    1. Managing by the process
    2. The quality management approach
    3. PDCA cycle of quality management methods
    4. Understand the operation of the management system by the process

    1. Benefits and other forms of examination form
    2. The process of data collection
    3. Make a testing form for unit

    Improvements: The departments design the quality Check Sheet of product details for your parts


    1. Column Chart
    2. Line Chart
    3. Round Chart
    4. Rada Chart
    5. Understood the purpose of charts using

    Improvements: The departments will draw Statistics Chart for your unit through data collected from the quality Check Sheet about the product details that were designed


    1. 20/80 Rule
    2. Chart design methods
    3. Practice, analysis and graphing in Excel
    4. Solve real-life situations (Group Exercise)

    Improvements: Identify the major errors in your unit’s product details


    1. Concept
    2. How to build (Brainstorming)
    3. A method of tracing the cause
    4. Applying the Brainstorming tools, 5 Why
    5. Solve real-life situations (Group Exercise)

    Improvements: Give the policies to deal with errors reducing of product details quality


    1. Purpose and sense
    2. How to build charts
    3. Solve real-life situations (Group Exercise)

    Improvements: Giving the stable product details quality books


    1. Purpose and sense
    2. How to build charts
    3. Solve real-life situations (Group Exercise)

    Improvements: Finding of errors in the production process of product details and set out the suitable policy

3 days

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